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So what exactly do you have in that pretty new computer sitting on your desk? With all the configurations available out there, who knows what processor, which hard drive, or how much memory you've got in there? Sure, you got some kind of a spec sheet when you bought that new machine, but in the excitement of getting it up and running, all that paperwork may have been lost along the way. Or maybe you bought a gently used box on eBay or someplace else, where goodness knows what is inside of it. You can break out the toolbox, crack the cover (caution: may void warranty), and take a peek, or you can rely on a tool like Sys Information.

Sys Information is an application that does the looking for you, and reports back on what it finds. You'll learn all about your CPU, RAM, and disk drives, as well as which flavor of Widows is installed, currently running processes, and what software you've got set up as well. And you don't have to worry about frying anything because you forgot to discharge any static before you touched the motherboard.

You can grab a copy of Sys Information for free. It's a Windows app and should run on systems with XP or later installed.

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