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runs on Mac
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While we all acknowledge the inevitability of death and taxes, that doesn't make either of them any less frustrating (especially that death thing). Even though it's not at the same level on the frustration meter as those big two, there are certainly other things in life to get frustrated about. Like trying to eject a removable volume—maybe a thumb drive, perhaps a CD—when there's a file open. It's not always obvious what the problem is (otherwise you probably would have just fixed it), but one thing is clear: you can't make it go until you fix it.

WhatsOpen is a tool that can let you know what the problem is. It'll tell you what file is open, and maybe remind you to close that Finder window you forgot about. And while it's in the neighborhood, it can give you information about more of the comings and goings on your Mac.

WhatsOpen is a free download. It runs under OS X 10.5 and later.

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