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Do you love your printer? No matter how much everyone touted the coming "paperless office", we just can't live without a bunch of documents printed on paper. This can present several problems. Like the environmental issues involved with manufacture of printers themselves, as well as all the chemicals used in making the paper and printer supplies. Oh yeah, there's the cost too. If you think it's time to look at your relationship with your printer, you may want to check out PaperCut.

This tool lets you keep track of what your printer is up to. It keeps an eye on paper consumption, and lets you not only monitor, but also control, printer usage. You can set quotas for individuals and groups, to make sure that folks aren't using company resources to print their first novel. It also gives you realtime numbers on just how your printing is affecting the environment.

PaperCut is available as a free download for small office and home use (up to 5 users). It is compatible with Linux, Mac, Windows, and even Novell networks.

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