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runs on Windows
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Now that you're a big kid, you get to play with big toys. Maybe you've got a big house, or perhaps a big car. You've definitely got a big computer. Maybe you've got a big monitor. Or maybe that's not enough, and you've got several monitors. Now that's big. Sure, life is good now that you can have that many more windows open with that many more documents displayed, or you can take that image file you're working on and blow it up huge and really see detail. Unfortunately, the multiple monitor scenario does have its down side. Like the fact that your Windows Taskbar exists only on your primary display. That means that if you're working clear over here, you have to navigate clear back over there in order to click on those buttons. Maybe bigger isn't better.

ZBar is here to give you a hand with that. With this app installed, you'll see a Taskbar at the bottom of each display. Choose from one row of buttons or two, in several different styles. After all, if you're going to add that functionality, it might as well look nice, too. And speaking of looking nice, as an added bonus, this tool lets you manage wallpaper as well. Put the same image on all your screens, put a different one on each of them, or pick a great big image and have is span multiple displays.

Zbar runs on Windows systems.

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