Take big files and split them up

runs on Mac
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Big files can be a big problem. They're hard to manipulate. They don't fit on a CD or a thumb drive. Online file sharing systems have size limits. So what do you do if you've got a big file and need to make it small? How about cutting it into pieces.

Data Glue is a tool that help you to make big files small. Give it a file, and you can decide how to break it up. If you're going to burn it to CD or DVD, then it breaks it into appropriate sized chunks. Have a 10 GB limit on uploads? Break it into 10 GB pieces. Of course, those pieces aren't worth anything by themselves, so you can also use Data Glue to, as they say, glue them back together. Now you've got your big file back, and everybody's happy.

Data Glue is HJSplit compatible, and works with with lots of different file part formats, including files created using the Unix split command. It runs on your Mac under OS X.

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5 Responses to “Take big files and split them up”

  1. Dean says:

    “Take big flies and split them up”

    By pulling their legs and wings off?

    Of course, my comment is going to look stupid when you’ve corrected the title!

  2. Chippy says:

    Corrected? What corrected…. 🙂

  3. Ronomundo says:

    I like the concept! I’ll try it. Thanx. Been looking for software to upload large files and then put them back together. I have been able to split them and upload them as segments, but never put them back together.

    Just hope the program is intuitive or has great instructions.

  4. Logan says:

    Couldn’t you just make a split .rar or .zip?

  5. Sofia says:

    Large files that can be split and “glued” virtually back together is not new but, other utilities I have tried are not intuitive. Will give this one a try!


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