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If you live a complicated life, you no doubt have a complicated schedule. Work, home, kids; how do you keep track of it all. The dry erase board on the 'fridge might be one way, but you can't take it to work with you. And it's tough to carry along on the road. Even computerized systems may come up short. Yes, you can sync home and work, but when you're not plugged in, what happens?

Wunderlist is a tool that looks to help solve that problem. It's a task management tool that lets you organize your life and is available to you just about no matter where you are. Sync your home computer; sync your laptop; even your work machine. And since this tool is also available for your iPhone, you can keep up with things when you're on the road. It even lets you work when you're off line–the next time you're connected again, it will sync up and you'll have the same information for you on each platform. Whether it's your shopping list, the schedule for soccer practice, or that big deadline at work, you'll always be in the loop.

You can grab a copy of Wunderlist for free. It runs under Windows, Mac, and on your iPhone as well.

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