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If you see something interesting, your first inclination might be to blurt out "hey, look at that!" If the person you're sharing with is sitting next to you, or at least in the same room, that process works fine. If the person you want to address is somewhere else–like maybe working from home–the folks around you are going to think you're nuts yelling out randomly. It would be nice to be able to let people know what you found without sounding like you maybe slipped a cog.

Ybex clipboard is a tool that lets you easily share what you see with others. It works kind of like your system's clipboard. Install the app, press the hotkeys, and up pops a menu that lets you select an area on your screen to capture. Make whatever notations you need on your clip–you can enter text, draw lines–that sort of thing. Once you're done, click the Upload button and your selection, with notes, heads off into the beyond. On your clipboard, though, is a URL where you can get to your little screenshot. Paste this into an email, send it off to whoever, and then they too can check out that cool thing you saw. And no yelling across the room.

Ybex clipboard is a Windows application. It should run on systems under Windows 2000 and later.

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  1. Colin says:

    This is potentially a very useful tool, but it needs further development.

    Arrows etc. have to be drawn freehand, which can look very scruffy. The program needs a few “standard” shapes – rectangles, squares, circles and arrows – that don’t distract from the area you’re trying to focus attention on.

    Similarly, the text has only a choice of 3 primary colours and 3 sizes of font – that is too limiting.

    Lastly, the purpose of this tool is to quickly email interesting stuff, and it does the heavy lifting of setting up an on-line URL, so why can’t it start my email application?

    Plus points – the “cuts” are on-line, so once I send them the recipient can look at them in their own time and I can just get on with something else. The program is simple to use and the method is quick, which is good.

    If you just want something to cut and paste stuff onto the web for friends to look at, this is fine. If you want to send stuff to your boss or professional partners, then you will want something a little prettier.

    I do work from home and I’m going to keep Ybex for now, in the hope that the author adds a bit more functionality.

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