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Among other factors, cooking depends on heat and time. If we assume that there's some sort of inverse relationship between them, turning the heat up shortens the time needed, and vice versa. Of course that doesn't always work–water will always boil at 212 degrees at sea level, no matter how much heat you apply to it. It's pretty easy to adjust the heat part of the equation, since ovens have thermostats, and even the knobs for the burners on the top of the stove have little markings on them (this one goes to eleven!). But when it comes to time, you're on your own.

Dinner Timer is one way you can keep track of this vital element in your gustatory adventures. Like all good timers, it counts down to zero, so you will know when your 3-minute eggs have cooked for three minutes. Once you go past that, though, this guy keeps counting. If you decide that whatever you're cooking needs just a few more minutes, this timer keeps counting, letting you know how far past zero you've gone. You can set all different kinds of warnings and customize how it notifies you, so you'll be reminded of what you need to do, but not irritated to the point that you don't want to use the tool any more.

You can use Dinner Timer on your Windows system.

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