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In the beginning was the Blue Book. Then came the Scantron card. Now there's iTest.

Test taking used to involve wrangling a bunch of pieces of paper that had to be handed out, written on, collected, organized, scored–the list just goes on and on. But with computers, it's possible to make test taking, and test administration, a fairly easy undertaking.

With iTest you can create a database full of questions (and their answers) that lives on the system's server. Categorize them, organize them, even annotate them so you'll remember just why you worded that question in that particular way. When it comes to test taking day, each student sits down in front of the client app and takes their exam. You've chosen the parameters of the test: which questions, how many of them, and all that. Along with formatted text, you can even include images in your questions. That way you can refer to diagrams in your questions–figuring out this angle or that length can be much easier when your student gets to see what you're talking about.

iTest is a free download. It's right at home on Linux, Mac, and Windows machines.

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