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If you want to solve a math problem, most of us just fire up a calculator. It's not always the easiest thing, because the way that calculators work with their various number keys and operation buttons. Calculator applications that you use on your computer generally are just adaptations of this same look and feel, whether you enter numbers via the keyboard, or by clicking virtual number buttons on your screen. But that's not the way you learned to do math back in school. Back then you did your math by writing it out on a sheet of paper.

Longhand is a calculator that lets you do math that old-fashioned way. Rather than punching a bunch of buttons, you simply type your problem, something like " 2 + 2 = ", into the application window. It does the calculation and displays it for you. In this trivial example it might not seem like that big of a deal. But once you start entering more complicated calculations, where things like order of operation become important, the ability to add parentheses to your problem can make a big difference. And with Longhand, that's just what you get to do. No more having to enter things backwards to get the answer come come out right.

You can run Longhand on your Mac. It's a Universal Binary, so it should be equally home on either your PowerPC or your Intel-powered machine.

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