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From the outside, computers look to be fairly simple things: you've got a keyboard, a display, maybe a big box that all the "stuff" lives inside of. But behind the scenes, there's nothing but complexity. As you work merrily along, writing that report or tweaking last summer's vacation photos, the little gremlins inside are hard at work, and what they're doing and how it's all progressing is pretty much an unknown.

atMonitor is an application that lets you see how things are going behind the scenes. It keeps an eye on CPU usage, reporting on your three most power-hungry apps. It watches your memory usage, and reports on how much free RAM you've got left, and how much is currently being used. It's even keeping an eye on internal temperatures, so you'll know just how close you are coming to a total meltdown while you're recalculating that huge spreadsheet. Results are reported through atMonitor's own interface, or you can have it send you an email when things happen. Either way, you'll soon know everything that it finds out.

atMonitor runs on a Mac. It's a free download, although the publishers would be happy to receive a donation if you like their tool.

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