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runs on Windows
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You've got a pile of pictures that you're trying to sort through. Back in the day, you could take all the negatives for those pictures–maybe a roll of film, maybe more–and produce a "contact sheet", basically thumbnail-size images of all those pictures. It made it relatively easy to visually scan those little pictures to see which ones you wanted to go further with, to enlarge and print them, or maybe to choose the images to feature in your new book. Now that you use a digital camera, it's not so easy to do that–where do they keep the negatives for all those JPEGs anyway?

Cas is a tool that can give you a hand here. Just drag a folder of images onto the app, and it will generate a single image that incorporates all those other pictures. Now you can easily scan your eyes over it and see just what you've got in there, and decide which photos or other images to use, or to go back to the drawing board and take some more pictures.

Cas is a free download, and runs under Windows.

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  1. Ken says:

    Works with folders containing a few pics. For fun I tried with a folder of 700. No usable result for that many. Upper limit likely < 50

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