Easy way to set up new projects

runs on Mac
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When you start up a new project of any complexity, you probably have a standard directory and file setup that you like to start with. One way to get that project set up is to do it manually in Terminal. Another is to just clone an existing one. The former requires that you jump through a bunch of hoops, the latter that you go in and remove all the content and leave just the structure from the last project. Or you can use a tool like Structurer.

Structurer creates a new project workspace for you, complete with folders, placeholder files, and all the stuff you need to hit the ground running. You get to define the location for your new project, all the folders you'll want to use, and even fill them with empty files for all your code, whether it be HTML or PHP pages, stylesheet info, JavaScript files, and more.

You can grab Structurer for free. It's a Mac application, and runs under OS X version 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

Download Structurer

4 Responses to “Easy way to set up new projects”

  1. GeoTrail says:

    Any chance anyone have an idea for a similar program for Windows?

  2. Vintage says:

    I was wondering the same thing….if this will be available or similar, for Windows.

  3. david says:

    I use a zip file with all the directories and blank files, templates and such…

  4. We need help with our young military families whose spouses are deployed to help them with manage bills. Do you have any templ;ates? Thanks for your service.

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