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With all the innovations in Wi-Fi and 4G, it's almost possible to be online all the time. No longer tethered to the world by a network cable or modem cord (kids, ask your parents), the world is your oyster. Unless you're on a plane. Or out in the middle of nowhere. Where's your Internet now? Hopefully, you remembered to bring it with you—or at least those pieces you're interested in.

Fresh WebSuction is a tool you can use to grab your own little piece of the 'Net. Choose a site you're interested and turn this guy loose, and it will download the pages along with the supporting assets (images, etc.) so that you can browse through that site, even when the nearest connection is miles away. And because it's capable of downloading dozens of files concurrently, you'll get your files faster, or if you need to limit your connection time, you'll be offline quicker as well.

You can grab a copy of Fresh WebSuction for free for your Windows system. They do require that you register, but there's no obligation beyond that.

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One Response to “Browse websites while offline”

  1. Colin says:

    “Unless you’re on a plane.” Ever tried using one of those back-of-seat tiny tables? Plus many airlines give such a limited time to use netbooks etc – they keep the seatbelt lights on for ages on the way up and switch them on again 20 minutes before you land! By the time you’ve booted up and found your files, it’s time to switch off.

    Much better example: “Unless you’re on a train in the UK, where wi-fi is mostly unavailable (e.g. Southwest Trains), limited to 15 minutes free use (e.g. East Coast Trains) or just flaky.”

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