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Designing the layout of a room can be fun. After you've moved the couch from that wall to over under the window across the room for the tenth time, however, the joy may have gone out of your project. It would be nice to cut down the hard work just a tad.

Homestyler is a free online service from the Autodesk folks that lets you do just that. Set up your room, resize it as necessary, and then start adding furniture, fixtures, and more. It's a easy as dragging and dropping from palettes of pre-designed pieces, and a whole lot easier than moving that couch—or the piano—back and forth until you get things set just right. Choose from generic furnishings and appliances, or even grab brand-name ones for added realism. You can also include exterior items, like grass, decks, and pools.

All you'll need to use Homestyler is a recent web browser with Flash installed. And a creative idea or two.

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