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It's awfully easy to get distracted when we're trying to get something done. Apps flashing across the desktop, and little reminders popping up all over the place. It's a wonder any work gets done. One answer to this problem are a whole class of apps that hide the rest of your system while you're focusing on a single task. Then there are minimalist editors with sparse interfaces that keep you from looking around while you work. A new addition to this category is QuietWrite.

A free online service, QuietWrite is a text editor with just a few bells, and no whistles. Basically, you point your web browser at their site and just start typing. You are allowed a little control over formatting—fonts, colors, that sort of thing—but mostly you just type. One added benefit here is that your work is auto-saved on a very regular basis. No more having to worry about things crashing since you last saved your work, because it's all done for you automatically.

You don't have to sign up to use QuietWrite, but once you do, then you can save and go back to your works-in-progress, as well as publish your masterpiece.

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