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If you've got a little something you want to share with friends and co-workers, maybe you just shoot them an email. Or IM them. I suppose you could write a book. Or maybe you could just paste it. is a free online service that lets you pass information along to those who need to know. Just type or paste your information into the edit window, and you're good to go. They've got a WYSIWYG editor, or for real control, you can go in and edit the HTML yourself. It supports headings, font format and colors, images, and even lets you insert links. Whether it's a little snippet, or a more complicated chunk of content, it's easy to enter it. Press the Publish button and you'll get a URL you can pass along to others, so they can check out what you had to say.

You don't need to register to use All you do need is a web browser, and something to share.

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