Apache, MySQL, and PHP for your Mac

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Any more, it seems like the Web is built around AMP—the combination of Apache web server, MySQL database, and PHP programming language. If you're a bigshot sysadmin, you probably set this stuff up in your sleep. For the rest of us, it's nice to have a set of training wheels to depend on when configuring these tools. If you're on a Mac, you're in luck with MAMP.

MAMP, the Mac version of AMP, is an easy to use way to install these applications on your Apple box. While you could install all these pieces individually—indeed, Apache is already installed in there—getting them to talk to one another can be a daunting task. With MAMP, you just install it and quit worrying. Want a platform to test out your new website before it goes live? How about installing a local copy of WordPress for your own use, or maybe to share across your intranet. There are all kinds of ways you can take advantage of this. although they do warn that it's probably not a good idea to use this as a platform for a real website. And it's all compartmentalized, so that if at some time in the future you decide you want to get rid of it, all you need to do is to delete its folder from Applications and it's gone, without leaving stuff scattered throughout your system.

MAMP is a free download, and super easy to install.

Download MAMP

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  1. Bernard Burton says:

    What is the equivalent of MAMP for Windows XP???

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