Network diagrams made easy

runs on Windows
screenshot of CADE

Back in the day, if you needed to lay out a network or some such, you grabbed a pad of graph paper and started doodling. While that may still be the simplest way to plan out your home office, if you're going to get much more complicated than that, you're probably going to want a somewhat more robust tool to work with.

CADE is a free vector editing diagramming tool that's perfectly suited to laying out network diagrams. It's got a palette full of network equipment you can just drag and drop into your diagram, so that you can look at the big picture, instead of getting bogged down in the details of drawing your servers, desktop machines, and other network nodes. And while you're in the neighborhood, you can also use CADE to create flowcharts, maps, and all manner of other graphical goodies.

CADE is a Windows application.

Download CADE

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