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Teaching kids can be a greatly rewarding experience. Passing along the accumulated wisdom of the ages and getting the next generation ready to take their place in the world is a great way to make a difference. If you're going to do the best job possible, you're going to need the right supplies and materials for your lessons. Once you've bought books, pencils, and all the rest, you're looking at a big chunk of change, whether that's coming out of a school district's budget or your own bank account. One way to help those pennies go farther is to take advantage of free resources, like Blackline Masters.

Blackline Masters is a site that makes all different kinds of worksheets and templates available for anyone who teaches, whether it's teachers in a private or public school, or even parents who homeschool their children. There is a wide range of materials available, ranging from different types of graph paper (grids, polar layouts, and even logarithmic paper) through maps, national flags, music paper, and even a periodic table of the elements.

Blackline Masters are free to print or photocopy as many as you need. They're all available in PDF format, so you'll need a copy of Adobe Reader, or some other application that can read PDF files.

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  1. The parent site at is also interesting to check out. They offer for free thousands of printable & customizable documents and templates for soho & sme business owners.

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