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People flock to your website or blog because of all your great content, right? The articles you write are incisive and the products you sell are top-of-the-line. Maybe it's time to take it to the next level, and add some professionally-generated content to your site as well.

The folks at TheFreeDictionary have free content available for you to add to your site. Along with their namesake dictionary, you can choose items like a Word of the Day, Article of the Day, timely news stories, and more. Choose as few or as many of these items as you like. They've made it easy to just copy and paste the code into your website, and they've even got controls to let you fine tune the appearance of the content, choosing fonts, colors, and more so that it will all fit flawlessly into your site.

Free Website Content from TheFreeDictionary is free, as you might expect. Each item that you paste into your pages has a link back to their site, and you have to leave that intact.

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4 Responses to “Free Website Content”

  1. Grumpy1 says:

    Oh Ok yeah right, I’m going to hurry up and put some crap on my website for someone else to benefit from.. I think not. I can get all this crap easy enough myself. I can’t even believe you put this shit on here.

  2. Thump says:

    That does indeed look a little shaky. I didn’t get the download so I can’t say what it is but I did go to thefreedictionary and copied the code to put in a web page. They didn’t ask me to download anything. I put the code on a page, edited it a little and it’s works ok.


  3. It might be interesting for some personal web sites or blogs if they don’t mind directing their readers to TheFreeDictionary, but surely not for a professional site.

  4. jerry says:

    Considering the mature content of your comment, Grumpy1, I am sure they are not unhappy not to have their links on your web page. I sure would not want that mouth advertising for me.

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