Time multiple events with Ten Timer

runs on Windows
screenshot of Ten Timer

Time is money. Whether it's a law firm associate trying to maximize billable hours, or you just trying to figure how long it takes you to get that job done, it's important to keep track of the time used on a project. There are lots of tools that let you time events or processes, but here's one that lets you time a bunch of them at once.

Ten Timer, as its name might suggest, is ten timers all stuck together in one simple desktop application. In the past, if you needed to time multiple events, you needed multiple timer applications—a real pain if you intend to walk and chew gum at the same time (assuming you need to time either of these activities). The controls are super simple, with start, pause, and reset buttons for each timer, as well as an app-wide reset button.

You can grab your copy of Ten Timer, a Windows application, for free. Or if you're so inclined, the publisher would be happy to receive your donation.

Download Ten Timer

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