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If you've got a website or blog, then you've got half the job done. While it's great to get the word out to let everybody know what's on your mind, or what products you've got to sell, it's important for you to know that people are actually finding their way to your site. Obviously you can't go out and look over folks' shoulders, since you don't even know who they are, so you need a better way to track visitors to your site.

Extreme Tracking has a tool they call their Free Tracker. It's easy to use: once you register for an account, there's just a snippet of code you need to paste into your site, and the tracking begins. Keep an eye on who visits and how often they come by. Grab information on which searches bring visitors to your site. You can even see which browsers they're using, which may help you to make the user experience even better by tailoring your pages to those browsers.

Since it's a free service, there are some limitations to what the Free Tracker can accomplish. Rather than a full history of visitors, at any time you have access only to information about your most recent twenty visitors. You're also limited to tracking only a single page. For greater functionality, the publisher recommends their paid version, but if you're just getting your feet wet in the visitor tracking arena, of if you have a relatively small following, this free tool may be just what you need.

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