Switch between tasks with SmartTab

runs on Windows
screenshot of SmartTab

In the World of Windows, [Alt]+[Tab] is a way of life. If you've got multiple windows open, the quickest way to switch between them is by using that keyboard combination. While it may be quick, though, it isn't always the most efficient way to get the job done. The little icons that come up when you do this aren't labeled, for example. So if you see several instances of the same icon, how are you supposed to know which is which? That's where SmartTab comes in handy.

SmartTab is a tool that takes Alt – Tab to a new level. Once it's installed, switching tasks becomes much easier. First of all, you get names to go with icons, so you can see where you're really going. In addition to that, you have several ways to choose which task to bring to the front: click on the app, type in the number associated with a particular task, or even scroll through the list with your mouse wheel. It couldn't be easier.

You can grab your copy of SmartTab for free. It's a Windows app and works with Win2000 and later.

Download SmartTab

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