Menubar Countdown

runs on Mac
screenshot of Menubar Countdown

Is the coffee ready yet? Time to catch that important TV show? There are lots of reasons why a countdown timer is a useful tool to have. Here's one that sits in your Mac's Menubar just waiting to help keep you on time for your next important event.

Menubar Countdown is a straightforward timer that sits in the menubar of your Mac, waiting for its next assignment. That's handy, because it's always available, and won't take up any of your precious screen real estate. To use it, just click on the timer and a window opens that lets you set hours, minutes, and seconds to count down. And when it hits zero, you can choose for it to play a sound, open a window, or even speak to you. It supports Growl as well; with that many options, it's unlikely that your three-minute eggs are going to go too far beyond that.

Menubar Countdown is a Mac application. It will run under OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and later.

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