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We're basically visual people. While iTunes is a popular app, and MP3s are everywhere, we focus a lot on what we see. Just look at a standard model TV set. You've got a great big, super duper, colorful screen to look at, and a little two-inch speaker to listen to. It almost doesn't seem fair. While the visual stuff is important, it's not appropriate for all occasions. Like when you're driving somewhere, or working on the computer, or trying to snooze. In situations like that, it's the audio that's much more interesting.

AudioChaos is a tool that you can use to explore some of this audio world. It bills itself as a "soundscape generator", meaning that it can take music, noise, nature sounds and such, and weave them together into interesting aural backgrounds for your day. Whether it's wind and wave sounds, bird calls, or musical samples, you can create your own soundscapes that invigorate or relax. They've got links to free audio samples to help you get started.

You can run AudioChaos on your Windows machine.

Download Audio Chaos

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