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While everybody uses email applications and web browsers, probably the most important tool to get real work done on your computer is an office productivity suite. Chatting back and forth is fine, and surfing the web can be interesting, but in terms of generating page after page of important reports, financial documents, and more, you can't beat those productivity tools. Of course the most popular suite of such tools comes from the fine folks at Microsoft. While it's popular, and the file formats are de facto industry standards, these guys certainly don't give it away. Contrast that with the folks who publish LibreOffice.

LibreOffice is a full-featured, cross-platform productivity suite that does most, if not all, of what Office does, but it does it for free. It includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation manager, graphics program, and even a database tool. It can read and write files using most popular formats, including the newer DOCX and XLSX formats from recent versions of Office, as well as the older DOC and XLS files. It's available in many different languages, and since it's open source, you know that there are no hidden gotcha's down in the code.

You can grab your copy of LibreOffice for free. It's compatible with systems running Linux, Mac OS X (10.4 and later), and Windows (Win 2000 and newer).

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  1. Jeff says:

    I’m not sure how LibreOffice differs from the already popular and widely used free open-source office suite from but I’d like to see some comparisons.

  2. megaman says:

    Since it applied the Go-OO, it can open .wps from Microsoft Works Word. If you see what Go-OO can do, you will see other things. It still loads as slow on my computer, as Open Office, so I recommend IBM Lotus Symphony with the High Performance option.

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