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runs on Windows
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When it comes to textual information, creating it is only half the battle. We've got text editors, word processors, and a bunch of other tools that let us write what's on our minds, either so we can remember it ourselves, or so that we can more easily share it with others. But once you've reduced your brilliant insights and observations to the written word, how do you go back and find what it is you had to say? Any text editor or word processor worthy of the name will have some kind of search functionality built in, but it isn't necessarily the most efficient tool for the job.

TextFilter is a free app that helps you to dig through your text, or that of others, and search for specific words and phrases, with highlighted results showing in real time. Once you've got your document loaded up, just start typing your search term, and this app will immediately start locating matches in your file. You can search for literal text, or for greater flexibility, it also supports regular expressions. Because after all, what's the point of being brilliant if you can't recall that brilliance?

Text Filter is a Windows application. It runs under Windows 2000 and later.

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2 Responses to “Search as you type tool for text files”

  1. tuiruru says:

    The idea seemed good but didn’t find it much use ‘cos it *only* appears to work with txt files (which is what it says). Betainly didn’t work with OOffice word processor docs

  2. John. says:

    Exactly what I’ve looking for; Win 7 search is often unhelpful.

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