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We all love the System Clipboard. If not for its ability to help you copy and paste information between documents or applications, we would all use our pet's name as our password (don't try this at home kids) instead of those forty-character long gibberish passwords we all know we're supposed to use. Of course the clipboard has its limitations, handling only one item at a time, and it all goes away the next time you restart your system. That is, unless you have a good clipboard enhancement tool like ClipCube.

With ClipCube you can copy and paste more than just one item. In fact, it keeps track of everything you copy to the clipboard. Now if you need to get back to that thing you copied ten minutes ago—or maybe ten days ago—it's still there for you. Install it on a USB thumb drive, and you can actually carry your clipboard with you from machine to machine.

ClipCube sits unobtrusively in the System Tray, just waiting for you to call it into action. You get to decide how long you want to keep your clipboard history, whether it's just for the current session, for a week, a month, or forever.

A Windows application, ClipCube is a free download.

Download ClipCube

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  1. KraZyMiKe says:

    WARNING. According to VirusTotal.com this file contains a virus!!

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