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Life with a computer can be complicated. Keeping your operating system up to date, making sure your antivirus software is current, remembering to run backups, the list goes on. That's some of the big picture stuff. But there are plenty of little annoyances to keep you going as well. Like the fact that you can't have a file and a directory with the same name in the same place.

In the real world, a folder and a document aren't the same thing, and certainly aren't likely to be mistaken for one another, but that's not the case on computer world. There a folder is just a special type of file, and because you can't have two files with the same name in the same place, you can't have a directory and a file with the same name sitting next to one another. That's probably not a big deal until you find out you've created a folder, maybe it's called Widgets, and inside that directory you have a file named Widgets. Now let's assume that for some reason you decided that since there's only one file in that folder, it makes more sense to just get rid of the folder and move that file up one level in the overall hierarchy—in other words, replace the folder with the file. We've already established that you can't just move the file into the same directory as the folder—the names collide—but if you delete the folder, you're going to clobber the file as well. That means you're going to have to play a complicated shell game, moving the file to some third location, do the deletion, and them move the document back to where you really want it to be. Unless you use Parent Rename.

This little app has but a single purpose in life: it takes a file and renames it to the name of its parent folder, and then moves that file into the parent's location, in effect replacing the directory with the file. Problem solved. Now you can get back to worrying about the next exploit that's going to try to attack your system.

Parent Rename is a Windows application. It requires version 2 of the .NET Framework.

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