DropIt takes the work out of sorting files

runs on Windows
screenshot of DropIt

For many folks, the work day consists of a few brief moments of clarity and insight, mixed in with a whole lot of tedium and routine. Sure, you had that great idea about how to make a zillion dollars, but you still have to reply to emails, fill out your timesheet, that kind of thing. If only there were some way to help make the mindless stuff take up less of your personal bandwidth.

DropIt can help you with one of your more routine and mundane tasks: sorting files. Unless you just leave everything piled up on your Desktop, you need to put your work files away from time to time. That means opening a bunch of different windows in Windows Explorer, correctly identifying files, and then dragging them into the appropriate location so that you can find them again the next time you need them. DropIt makes this whole process easier by sorting your files and sending them off the correct location. You build patterns—filters—that allow you to send your Word DOCs one direction, and your Excel spreadsheets another. Along with assigning destination folders, you can choose how your files are handled: copied, compressed, moved, or more.

DropIt is a free Windows application.

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