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runs on Windows
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You've got a name. I've got a name. All the files on your computer have names. If you or I don't like our name, we have to go to court to change it. If you want to rename stuff on the computer, it's easier than that. Unless you want to rename a whole bunch of files at once. Rather than renaming one file at a time, what you need here is a batch renaming tool, something like Panda Batch File Renamer.

With Panda Batch File Renamer, it's easy to change the names of a single file or a whole bunch of them. Strip characters out, stick new ones in, replace "foo" with "bar", add a sequential number or date, change case, and more. And it supports regular expressions, so you can build some pretty complicated scenarios.

Panda Batch File Renamer is free for non-commercial use. It's a Windows application.

Download Panda Batch File Renamer

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  1. A new version of Panda Batch File Renamer has been released.

    There is also a support forum:

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