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It's never easy to say goodbye. Whether we're parting ways with a loved one who will be missed terribly, or getting away from a terrible situation, whether it's personal, work related, or something else, there is no end of raw emotion that comes to the surface when we make that final farewell.

Goodbye Letters is a service that can help make that goodbye a little easier. While they don't know all the particulars in your case, they do have some good ideas about what a goodbye letter ought to look like and what it should include. They've got some tips on writing those letters, and along with that, they've got samples of letters suitable for use in the workplace, at school, and for relationships, as well as several more general goodbye letters. And for the most modern among us, they've even got a goodbye email. No SMS text message is offered though—you've got to try a little harder than that.

Goodbye Letters are all available for free. They're downloadable in Microsoft Word DOC format.

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  1. Sofia says:

    Great Idea….moving, will use these soon!

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