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We're all familiar with the notion of information overload. We've got contact lists, web bookmarks, and no end of sticky notes glued to our computer monitors just to try to keep track of the "who" and "what" of our complicated lives. If you're looking for a better system, you might check out Flexadex.

While Flexadex can be thought of as an online address book, it might be more properly called a text information organizer. What it really is is a freeform online database that allows you to write notes to yourself that include a title, the main body of your note, and also tags to help you better organize things. Each entry can contain up to 50,000 characters, so you're probably not going to run out of room. And if you do, just add another entry and keep on going. Its Web interface is intuitive and easy to use, and they've even got a minimalist mobile version for you to use on the go.

Flexadex is a free online service.

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  1. Patrick B says:

    Evernote does the same and more. Online and versions for phones, pc, MAC. Keeps notes synchronized between them all. Stores pictures of anything with text and OCR’s it so you can search by words found in the pictures. Free up to 60MB per month.

  2. Pandora says:

    Evernote gets my vote too… Great software

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