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Of all the problems you could have with your computer, having a bunch of empty directories probably falls pretty far down the list. After all, it's not hard drive failure, or a nasty virus, or even emptying the Recycle Bin too soon. Nevertheless, it might be nice to get rid of those empty folders to keep things humming along. But how do you find them?

Remove Empty Directories is a tool that can lend a hand to your quest. Turn it loose on your system and it will find all those empty folders that you want to get rid of. You can protect directories that you don't want to app to look at. And as a bonus, you can also specify as empty folders which contain only certain files, like "Thumbs.db" or "*.ini". You'll get to review what it finds before sending your directories away, and can decide how your folders will be deleted: sent to Recycle Bin, deleted straight-away, that sort of thing.

You can download Remove Empty Directories for free. It's a Windows app and runs under WinXP and later. It also requires version 3.5 or later of the .NET Framework.

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  1. Stanley Reynolds says:

    It has improved. It used to lock up all the time. Now, my mouse stops working, but the program completes. I suspect he’s never tried it on the root of C:

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