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Windows Explorer is the GUI way to interact with your system. Along with letting you navigate through the directory structure on your machine, it lets you run the apps that you bought your computer to use: word processors, web browsers, and all that. It's handy to be able to double-click a program icon or data file and get some work done. But like many one-size-fits-all solutions, sometimes Windows doesn't exactly do what you want. Typically, if you double-click a Word DOC file, your system's going to fire up Microsoft Word and open that document in it. But what if you want to open that DOC in OpenOffice instead? All of a sudden, "Open" isn't going to do what you need.

SendToAny is a tool that makes it easier to open files using applications that aren't the default app for a given file. When you right-click on a file, among the options you typically see is the "Send To" menu. Generally there may be a few choices in there, but certainly not all the options that could be available to you. But with SendToAny, choosing Send To will now let you send any file to any application on your system, including those listed on the Start Menu, those sitting on the Desktop, and even apps in the Quick Launch Menu. Send an image to your browser instead of to Photoshop; send a CSV file to your text editor instead of Excel.

SendToAny is a free download. You can use it on Windows systems running XP or later.

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  1. Darkorical says:

    Isn’t this what “Open With…” is for?

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