Tiny Watcher monitors system changes

runs on Windows
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If the real world, you kind of expect things to stay as you left them. If when you leave for the office in the morning you have green carpet in the living room, you kind of expect that it'll still be there when you get home. If you returned to find oak hardwood there instead, you'd definitely take notice. So why should things be different on your computer? When you install a new app on your computer, you know that things are going to get shaken up. If nothing else, at least the executable for that new program is going to be written to your system, as well a possibly all kinds of support- and resource files. But is there anything else going on? Maybe tomorrow that new app will have run an automatic update on itself. Or maybe it's downloaded some other stuff to your disk, and not bothered to tell you about it. So how are you ever going to stay on top of all this?

Tiny Watcher keeps an eye on changes to your system. By taking a snapshot of critical areas of your system, it can tell you when something has changed. While you know about the new app you installed, you might not have known that it added itself to your Start menu, as well as putting an icon on your desktop, writing a Registry entry, and maybe even adding itself to your startup items. Tiny Watcher knows, though, and will let you know what it finds. It just sits in your System Tray and leaves you alone, until it detects a change, and then raises the alarm.

You can download a copy of Tiny Watcher for your Windows system for free.

Download Tiny Watcher

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