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A good password is a complex password. If you just use your pet's name, your birthday, or "password", you're just asking for your account to be compromised, whether it's just your Gmail login or your bank account. What you need is a good password. Sometimes, though, it's just too hard to come up with one that's sufficiently complicated to get the job done.

Password Generator is a tool that can help you come up with a good, hard-to-break, password. You can choose from three levels of password complexity: a "normal" one that's going to mix all kinds of characters together, a "compatible" password that avoids upper case and non-alphanumeric characters, and then super-duper "extreme" password that includes all kinds of special characters. Unlike using "Fluffy" for your password, these are all going to be hard to remember, so you'll probably want to keep them in some sort of password locker tool, because if you misplace these guys, it's not going to be easy to log into your accounts.

You can download Password Generator for free and run it on your Windows system.

Download Password Generator

3 Responses to “Free password generator”

  1. Patrick B says: will generate great passwords for you and store them

  2. Pandora says:

    Been using LastPass for a while – truely great program

  3. Susie says:

    FYI, i installed this application and my virus blocker popped up and said it was malicious and blocked it from running.

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