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It's not enough that you have so many things to do during a typical day. Along with all those tasks is the sometimes even bigger job of keeping track of it all. If you're rolling in dough, maybe you've got a personal assistant to keep track of all this stuff. For the rest of us, you just can't beat a good to-do list. You can keep track of it all on a Post-it or the back of an envelope, but if there's more than a couple of things to keep track of, you're quickly going to outgrow that system. That's where a tool like TaskMate can come in handy.

With TaskMate, it's easy to add or remove tasks from your list. Tick a checkbook when you complete a task and it's removed from the list to get it out of your way, but it's easy to bring it back if you need to review what you've done or answer the "where did all my time go today?" question. You can export your list, after a fashion, into TextEdit, and from there you can copy and paste into other applications. You can customize how tasks are displayed, adding new tasks at the top of the list, down at the bottom, or immediately before a selected task already on the list. If you really want to stay on task, you can have TaskMate stay on top, so it'll always be there to remind you of what you've got to do next.

TaskMate is a free download. It's a Mac application and runs on systems under Leopard (OS X 10.5) and later.

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