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If you're running a business, hopefully you've got customers. And whether you're selling goods or services, sooner or later somebody's going to need some attention. How you respond to customer service situations can have a big impact on your success, so you want to make sure you don't let any problems fall through the cracks. What you need is a helpdesk solution.

osTicket is a free support ticket system. It's easy to set up, which is great for you, and easy for your customers to access, which is even better. Users can enter info to create help tickets via web, email, or phone, and they'll get a note back letting them know that they're in the system. From your site, you can answer inquires with canned text, or you can send custom messages to grab any additional information you may need, as well as keeping the customer up to date on how their ticket is progressing. Customers don't need to log in to use the system, which may help them with any privacy concerns. On your site, it's easy to assign and transfer tickets, and role-based access keeps your process rolling along and allows for adequate supervision and oversight.

osTicket is a free download. You install it on your server and need to be running at least PHP (ver. 4.3) and MySQL (ver. 4.4).

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2 Responses to “Open source support ticket system”

  1. Neck says:

    No installation file in download …..

  2. Normally there is a ‘readme’ file, which explains the installation steps.

    As you are using a database and PHP it is very safe to assume there is a web server as well. And that means that there is no installation file at all.

    In other words, do not use this software if the terms I mention do not ‘ring a bell’ with you.

    First learn about the above terms and then start playing with it

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