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Breaking news flash: your computer is not perfect. While you may spend a lot of time with it, and sometimes it may feel like it's your only friend, the day will come when it will let you down. Maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow, but at some point it's going to fail. And when it does, you really have to be ready. If that failure involves your hard drive, that means having good backups.

AceBackup is a tool that helps make it easy to back up those important files on your system. Whether it's work files, your music collection, or last summer's vacation pictures, you want to make sure you've got good archival copies just in case this is the day when it all comes undone. And speaking of archives, what about using this tool to keep track of changes to files in an ongoing project? Making a copy of today's version of a project may be valuable to you when, a month down the road, you decide you've headed off in the wrong direction and wish you could roll the clock back to a version that worked, instead of the mess you've created since. With AceBackup you can choose individual files or groups of files, and back them up to another hard drive, as well as saving them to removable drives, optical media like CDs or DVDs, or even to a remote FTP server. And if you like, you can encrypt it all. Nice.

AceBackup is a free Windows application.

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