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As hard drives get bigger and bigger, they seem to fill up faster and faster. Sure, there's a lot of good stuff you want to hang on to, but it's also easy to let things get out of control. Next thing you know that terabyte drive you invested in is 90% full just like that 40 GB drive was last year. So where did all the space go? Or maybe more correctly, what did we save on there that filled it all up?

JDiskReport is a tool you can use to get a handle on where all your disk space went. Yes, you could just run directory listings and sort by size or date and such, but with JDiskReport you can look at a bigger picture. It helps you to identify what you've got out there, and presents it to you in easy to comprehend charts and graphs, as well as textually. Sometimes that pie chart or a bar graph can make sense where a big screen full of numbers just won't do. You can examine things not only by size, but also by size distribution—how many files you have that are 4- and 16 MB as opposed to between 16- and 64 MB, for example. Or look at modified date—how many older files do you have compared with the number of more recent files? It also breaks them out by file type, so you can prove you have more Word DOC files (all those important reports) than you do MP3 files.

JDiskReport is a Java application, so you can use it on any system with an appropriate Java runtime installed. That means it's right at home on your Linux system, your Mac, or your Windows box.

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  1. Tom says:

    Zonealarm reported that this is malicious software when i downloaded it… so i didn’t proceed with the install.

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