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No matter how many pretty pictures you see and work with on your computer, behind it all is a bunch of text. Websites, desktop applications, data—it's all text. But what do you do with all this text? You can type it, edit it, move it around, but what if you're looking to do something more than that? What kinds of tools are there out there to manipulate your text?

Text Mechanic is a suite of web-based text manipulation tools. Using a web browser with JavaScript enabled, you can manipulate text in just about any way imaginable with the tools on this site. They run the gamut from the simple addition of text to the beginning or end of a line, changing the case of text, or sorting lines of text, up to random selection of a line (maybe to choose a contest winner?) and even encoding text in Base 64. It even has a tool that lets you reverse text, flip text upside down, and more.

A free online service, all you need to use Text Mechanic is a web browser and some text to work with.

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  1. PaulsR says:

    Some great downloads!

  2. java says:

    veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy gooooooooood

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