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Software comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes, with a lot of different business models behind it. There are the big corporations with names you recognize, like Microsoft and Adobe, but there are also the little Ma and Pa shops, the lone coder banging away in obscurity on some cul-de-sac out on the edge of the Information Superhighway. Some applications come with a hefty price tag, while others—like those featured on this site—are available for free. Shareware typically is free to use at first, but often is limited in functionality or has a time limit on it and ultimately requires payment. And then there's "donationware". Apps in this category are free to download and use, but you always have the option of making a donation to the publisher—kind of like the tip jar at your local caffeine dispensary: you don't have to pay to use it, but the folks behind the counter don't mind if you throw a couple bucks in the jar.

DonationCoder.com is an outfit that supports this business model. On their site, they've got software from many different programmers covering a wide array of applications. All of their listed apps are available for free, but you can always choose to make a donation if you're so inclined. Among their activities, they sponsor an annual NANY Challenge (New Apps for a New Year). We're highlighting several of this year's entries on Free Download A Day this week. Enjoy!

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