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Sometimes your life runs smoothly: job is good, kids are healthy, everything hums along. Hopefully you live most of your life in that space. Unfortunately, though, sometimes things just don't work the way you'd like. Whether it's a cut in work hours, unexpected bills, or just not making the best choices in our lives, we can run into trouble. That's a time when a hardship letter may be required.

Typically a hardship letter is going to be addressed to a creditor, asking for some help in working out payments. It may be a bank or credit card company, or it could be a medical provider or even your mortgage holder. While it may be tempting to just hide our heads in the sand and hope that by ignoring a problem that it will go away, generally a better approach is to be open and communicative with creditors, letting them know exactly what's happening, and asking them to work with you to reach a mutually agreeable resolution.

Hardship Letters has over twenty different hardship letter templates you can use. Starting with one of their letters, you can tailor it to your particular situation and hopefully reach some agreement with the bank, lender, or even the IRS that will work out for everyone. They've also got several articles on how to write a hardship letter, and what kinds of things you should be sure to include in your letter.

Hardship Letters are available as free downloads. They're all formatted as Microsoft Word DOC files, so you can open them in most word processors to customize them with your information. And good luck!

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