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Sometimes it seems the world is run from lists. You've got grocery lists, to-do-lists, lists of shows to watch, lists of music to listen to, and so on. Heck, that was even a list of lists right there—they are everywhere! Sometimes lists are just collections of items, but other times, there's an order to those items, and the easiest way to order a list is to assign items numbers to each member of the list. When you work the list in order, #1 happens before #2, and so on. So what if you've got a great big unordered list you want to turn into a great big ordered list? You could do a lot of typing, or you could check out List Numberer.

List Numberer, as its name suggests, is a tool that can prefix numbers to items in an unordered list. Just copy and paste your list into the application window and it will insert numbers at the beginning of each line, auto-incrementing them along the way. You can format your numbers to your choosing, and even add a prefix (maybe a number sign) and a suffix, whether a right parenthesis, an em-dash, or some other character. You can even choose the interval between adjacent items, so your list can go "1-2-3" or "10-20-30", or any other amount you like. Once your list is fixed up the way you want, copy and paste it back into your original document, and you're on your way.

List Numberer is donationware, which means you can download it and use it absolutely free, although if you were so inclined, you could throw a couple of bucks their way. It runs under Windows.

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