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Some folks are left-brained, meaning that they do well with linguistic and reasoning-related tasks. Others excel at right-brained activities, tending toward the more artistic. And of course, there are those who are equally a home in either world, as well as those for whom it's all a challenge. If you tend to live most of your life in the left brain, things like design and color may be tougher to wrap your brain (sorry!) around. For folks like that, or anybody who could use a hand in dealing with color palettes, there's Color Warlock.

Color Warlock comes with pre-defined color charts, which can be a great help to the artistically uninspired. Color swatches include names and the all-important hex values (#9F8170) that you can use while building web pages. Or if you prefer, you can create your own collections of colors with its built in Chart Builder and use this tool to save them off to share with others.

Color Warlock is a Windows application. It's donationware, meaning you can download it and use if for free, or you can throw a few dollars in the jar to encourage the publisher to keep on coding.

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