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Microsoft Outlook, while maybe not a tool of a thousand-and-one uses, has at least a couple of big reasons for existence. As an email client, it's certainly used in a lot or organizations, maybe even more than anything else. But in addition to that, one of its other big purposes is that of a scheduling tool. Track your appointments, set a reminder, it can handle it all. All of that functionality comes, or course, at a rather hefty price in terms of size and complexity. If you've always got the app open, it's easy to add a new task, for example, but if you've turned off for a bit, it can be quite an ordeal firing it up, digging through layers of interface, just to add a simple task. That's where TaskDaddy can come in handy.

TaskDaddy is a standalone app that lets you add tasks without having to open up Outlook. Using an easy-to-remember syntax, it's easy to create a new Outlook task that includes a category, subject, due date, and task details. All you need to do is to type your information into a little application window, or if you're really good, there's a command line interface that lets you enter tasks directly from a DOS box. That could be a real time saver.

A Windows application, TaskDaddy runs under XP, Vista, or Windows 7. It's compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2007 or 2010, but not Outlook Express. While you can download it for free, you can also feel free to make a donation to encourage further development.

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