Plant a virtual garden with VeggieSquares

runs on Windows
screenshot of VeggieSquares

Some hobbies you indulge in for the sheer joy of it. You're never going to get rich singing with the community choir, or collecting thimbles from World's Fairs. Sometimes, though, there is another benefit to be gained through a hobby. Gardening, for example, can give you a chance to play in the dirt and wonder at the miracle of life, but if you're growing veggies, you can also put some food on the table. Gardening can also be a family activity. Even the little ones can plant a seed and pull a weed.

VeggieSquares is an application that teaches kids about planting a vegetable garden. It's simple to drag little vegetables into the garden area. As you drop them in place, the app gives the user feedback about which plants work well together, and which might be better separated in the garden. And it's also a way to keep playing in the garden, even if there's an unexpected rainstorm that comes along.

VeggieSquares is a free download. It's a Windows app.

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