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How many times do you suppose you type the same little bits of text in a given day? Whether it's an email signature, a bit of code (#!/usr/bin/perl -w), or some other snippet, no doubt there's something you keep typing over and over again. Lots of apps may have built-in support of some of this via templates, canned signatures, and such, but there aren't necessarily a lot of tools that let you do this across applications. In other words, if you've got a signature that you use on Gmail but want to use it in a Word DOC, you're probably left just typing it in. That's where Auspex comes in.

Auspex is a tool that keeps an eye on your keystrokes, regardless of which application is currently active. When it recognizes a keystroke combination it recognizes (maybe "sig[tab]"), it will expand that out to type your whole signature, or whatever other text you've got associated with that command. If you've got stuff that you regularly type incorrectly, Auspex can serve as as an autocorrect tool—if your fingers get twisted around themselves and you regularly type "the" as "teh", teaching Auspex to replace "teh[space]" with "the" will keep you heading down the right path. While writing code, you can also use Auspex to auto-complete names of functions and variables, allowing you to use better names and make your code more readable.

You can run Auspex on Windows systems under XP and later. For maximum functionality, it needs to be running with Admin rights.

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